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As a megabiodiversity country, Malaysia is endowed 15,500 flowering plant species, and its soil is rich in microorganisms which provide great sources of potential drugs. The country is also blessed with rich diversity in race, culture and hence the knowledge of traditional usage of herbal remedies. NADI which means "pulse of life" in Malay language, is a Natural Based Discovery resource that has been developed with an intended aim to capture the plethora of information about Malaysia fauna and flora. It consists of NADI-CHEM, a Natural Product 3D Chemical Structure Database of Malaysian natural products and NADI-Herb as well as NADI-MEPS, databases of Herbal Monograph to provide information for natural-based drug discovery. NADI-CHEM has been developed in a format ready for virtual screening and with NADI-VISAGE, molecular docking can be performed to identify possible natural compounds with high biological activity in the development of a lead compound for a drug discovery program.


NADI background Natural products have been the source for many drugs currently in the market e. g. aspirin and taxol. Traditional efforts in screening natural products for bioactivities is slow, laborious and expensive. However, recent advances in biology coupled with the explosion in the computational power have resulted in a shift from wet lab to in silico drug discovery. Besides that, Malaysia’s rich biodiversity along with our traditional use of herbs and plants provide an optimal platform serving as resources for natural products. With these factors in mind, NADI is designed to as a one-stop centre for in-silico drug discovery from natural products. Meaning “pulse of life” in Malay language, NADI is a Natural Based Drug Discovery resource. It was a brainchild of Prof. Dr. Habibah, who initially developed it along with her research students to mainly assist them in performing drug discovery program in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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  • Plant Glossary
    Plant glossary describes selected herb plant for their basic botanical names and terms in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia
  • NADI Chem
    User friendly interface,search substructure, formula, Log P and molecular ranges,structures for cheminformatics purposes and ready for rapid in silico drug screening.
  • NADI Herbs & Meps
    Retrievals of enthnomedical information across hundred herbs monographs in English and Malay for Malaysian medicinal plants.
  • NADI Expert & Publication
    NADI promotes the online search engine for research publication as research hub in drug discovery for natural product.