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Why NADI ?

NADI isn't just yet another biochemistry and herbs search engine but and the research tools that help researcher with their research development on natural product and silico drug discovery. Here are a few screenshots and videos to show you how NADI works, and what you can do with it.

Feature highlights

  • User friendly interface
  • Search natural source molecular substructure, formula, Log P and molecular ranges with retrievals of enthnomedical information across hundred herbs monographs.
  • Just one click to dock a compound or a group of compounds into a receptor of your choice.
  • Structures for cheminformatics purposes.
  • Ready for rapid in silico drug screening.
  • Sharing portal and resources that related to natural product and drug discovery system
  • Beta Testing

    • Early Access
      NADI provides beta account to access NADI search modules and all the dataset and references from NADI will be freely distributed with fully access. On the top of each pages there are several menu. Each of these menu is dedicated to a particular packages or search type. Click one of the menu to perform the desired search type or option.
    • Video Tutorial
      Watch these videos to get to know your way around NADI.